A couple of weeks ago I finally did something I will never regret.  I needed a clean carpet and chose the best and brightest wholly by chance!

Actually the 5 star rating helped me make that decision.  I was impressed by his appearance and directness in obtaining the information from us to fulfill the goal to clean our carpets so the end result would

be what we wanted.

He came into our humble mobile home to try to clean up the filthiest carpet I had ever seen and left it looking like new carpet.  My secret plan was to rip it out and install new carpet!  Our friends were as amazed as we were!  They too believed nothing could save the carpet.

I called Cal, He saved us headache, heartache and money.  He truly is a master carpet cleaner!

Cal, we three Davis’ thank you for the wonderful job you did for us, we will let everyone know who to call for their carpet cleaning.