I was searching for someone to clean my bed that was made from some delicate fabric.  I wanted someone who was experienced with this type of upholstery.

I happened on Cal and he made the process easy.  He explained what was going to happen and things that could occur during the cleaning process.

He gave me all the options.  He was able to clean the bed and it looks terrific!


Additionally, I had some large stains that would disappear when the carpet was cleaned, but always showed up again after a month.  I asked Cal if there was anything he could do for those.  He took the time to explain why the stains kept reappearing, he thought he could get them out for good, and if for some reason they reappeared in a month, he would come back for free.  It has now been several months and the stains have not come back.


Cal is professional, organized and very thorough.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.  Some might say he is a little bit pricier than your normal carpet cleaner, but you pay for what you get…and Integrity Cleaning is not the normal carpet cleaner.