We have submitted testimonials regarding Integrity Clean in the past. We know, from past small business experience, how important word of mouth is to a business, and we believe in giving credit where it is due. Every time Cal comes here, we look at the finished product and are thankful for his accomplishment. Our carpet is getting older, but he keeps it looking good. We have already spoken about his professionalism and experience, but we would like to go a different route today. When you call Cal for an estimate, that is what you will pay. There are no “hidden” charges; he will not arrive and try to sell you something else for an increased fee. What he tells you is the concrete price. We have, for years, appreciated his performance and honesty. He will also offer advice on how to care for your carpets, particularly if he notices something you may not have seen. Anyone considering carpets, tile or grout services really should contact Cal for an estimate. He is BBB, A+ rated. We are glad we did years ago, and we think you will be glad also. Best around, in our opinion.