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How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

At Integrity Clean, we believe there are a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to the question of how often to have your carpet cleaned.

If your carpet has a warranty, we strongly recommend that you follow the recommendations that are written within the warranty.  To maintain the warrantee, most carpet manufacturers require that the carpet be cleaned at least every 12 months, or every 18 months, depending on the manufacturer.

If your carpet does not have a warranty we simply recommend that you clean your carpet when it begins to look dirty.  This will vary a lot depending on the amount of traffic, the type of carpet, and the number of animals if any.  In some situations, this might mean every 4-5 years.  For most people this will mean every 1-2 years.  In cases with where there are several people and/or one or more animals living in the home, it might need to be cleaned every 6 months or so.

Also, if you have some areas or rooms that begin to show signs of soiling a lot sooner than other areas, we believe that it also makes sense to clean those high-use areas (or rooms) more frequently than the other areas.  Do not assume that all the carpet needs to be cleaned with the same frequency.

When asked this question, many cleaning companies will answer by suggesting that you have your carpet cleaned every 12 months.  At Integrity Clean, we believe that makes about as much sense as purchasing a dress shirt or blouse at the department store and having the clerk recommend that it be cleaned once a week or once a month.

What Is The Best Method Of Carpet Cleaning?

To some degree, the best method of carpet cleaning will vary somewhat depending on the situation. There are pros and cons to virtually all methods of carpet cleaning.  When a carpet has “typical soil levels” (without excessive soil or an excessive amount of spots), most methods will provide good results if they are performed by a knowledgeable technician, using quality chemicals and good cleaning techniques.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend a method which involves “hot-water-extraction” which is also called “steam cleaning’.  We believe that hot-water-extraction/steam cleaning, done with a truck-mounted unit, will typically provide the best results in most situations, however there are other variables to keep in mind. For instance, if (for some reason) you need your carpet to dry extremely fast, then “Dry Cleaning” or “Bonnet Cleaning” would probably be the best way to go.  If your carpet is very dirty and/or you want to remove the most amount of soil possible, then Dry Cleaning would NOT be the way to go.

A few factors that greatly affect the results of carpet cleaning, regardless of the method, are: 1) the knowledge and experience of the technician, 2) the quality of the chemicals, 3) the quality and condition of the equipment being used, and 4) the time an effort put into doing a good job.

Based on our experience over the past 35 years, here is a list of the different methods you might find.  We have put them somewhat in order from best carpet cleaning methods to the worst methods.   This is all assuming that the cleaning is done by a knowledgeable technician, using quality chemicals, using quality cleaning equipment, and investing in the necessary time and effort to do a good job:

1)         Steam Cleaning (also called Hot-Water-Extraction) performed with a truck-mounted steam machine.

2)         Steam Cleaning performed with a portable machine.

3)         Shampoo with post-extraction.

4)         Bonnet Cleaning (sometimes referred to as dry cleaning).

5)         Encapsulation

6)         Shampoo Cleaning.

7)         “Host” or “Capture” which are brand name dry cleaning options.  They dry extremely fast but tend to be among the least thorough methods.

Does Having Carpet Cleaned Cause It To Re-soil More Quickly?

When done properly, professional carpet cleaning will not cause carpet to re-soil more quickly.  Accelerated re-soiling usually occurs when a sticky residue is left in the carpet.  To get carpets cleaner, without using more time, some companies will use more chemicals, and/or more concentrated chemicals.  The carpet might look good initially, however this often leaves a lot of residue in the carpet, which begins to attract dirt like a magnet.  At Integrity Clean we use more time and less chemicals to obtain outstanding results, leaving the carpet fresh and clean, and without the unwanted sticky residue left behind.