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Most carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning every 12 or 18 months, or sooner if soil conditions warrant more frequent cleaning. If you want to keep your carpet looking like new, we believe that carpet should be cleaned as it begins to show signs of soiling, or at the manufacturer’s recommended time, whichever comes first.

At Integrity Clean, we strongly believe that it also makes sense to clean high use areas (or rooms) more often than rooms that do not get as much use. As an illustration: If you bought two pair of pants and you wore one pair twice a week and you wore the other pair once every six months, you wouldn’t launder both pair once a month. We believe the same logic applies to carpet. Don’t assume that all the carpet requires cleaning with the same frequency, when some areas get walked on hundreds of times more than others.

The best method of carpet cleaning depends somewhat on the situation. All methods of carpet cleaning can be good, if they are performed with the proper use of equipment, chemicals, and cleaning techniques. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Steam Cleaning (or Hot Water Extraction) is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers, however the “best” method will vary somewhat from one situation to another.

At Integrity Clean, our focus is on quality and on customers who are looking for something that is much better than average! Here are some specific things that make us different:

  • Soft Water – We have an on-board water softener. This allows us to use less detergent and helps leaves carpet softer.
  • Time – We spend more time during the cleaning process (rather than more chemicals and more water). The result is more soil removed without leaving excess residue and moisture behind.
  • Pre-vacuuming – When necessary (and for a nominal fee), Integrity Clean will pre-vacuum the carpet before we introduce water! Removing dry soil before the cleaning process begins improves the final result.
  • A Straight Forward Approach – We provide a price before we begin the job, with no surprises in the end. We encourage customers to take advantage of a Free Estimate (especially for new customers). This allows our customers to compare our prices in advance and make an educated decision.
No! Re-soiling problems are usually caused by cleaning companies that use poor quality cleaning solutions, too much cleaning solution, or equipment that is not functioning efficiently. If done properly, carpet cleaning should help prolong the life of the carpet and keep it looking better longer.

Frequently vacuuming is one of the best things you can do to keep your carpet looking beautiful. A good rule of thumb is once a week for most areas, twice weekly for traffic areas, and as often as every day for heavy traffic areas.

Check your vacuum cleaner and make sure that the bag or filter is not getting full or clogged. As bags and filters begin to get covered with dust, the efficiency of the vacuum is reduced. You can’t really replace the bag or clean the filter too often.

The use of throw rugs or walk-off mats is also a great idea. These should be placed at all entrances into the home. Cute welcome mats made of wicker, straw, or plastic do not absorb soil as well as an absorbent walk-off mat or rug. Mats cut from carpet remnants can be an affordable option that work great, especially at the entrances where family members enter the home. Keep in mind that soft absorbent mats or rugs may not be practical at doorways that are exposed to the rain.

Vacuum upholstered furniture at least once or twice a year. Also, when upholstery begins to show signs of soiling, it’s better to have it cleaned than to let it go. If certain areas such as arms or seat cushions begin to show signs of soiling before the rest of the item, consider having just those areas cleaned rather than waiting until the whole thing looks dirty.
This is a very simple tip, but it can really help keep your tile and grout cleaner longer. Use plenty of water and change the bucket frequently to prevent the water from getting dark. Dark mop water acts as a grout stain and it tends to soak in a little each and every time the floor is mopped, making it slightly darker each time. That’s why dirty grout typically looks dark everywhere except about 1-2 inches from the edge of the room. It’s not that people don’t walk within 1-2 inches of the wall. When the floor is mopped, the 1-2 inches (of grout) next to the wall do not typically get as wet from the mop water, and therefore do not get as dark.

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